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  • About Bail Bonds

    If you’re searching for Palm Beach bail bonds, you or a loved one may need to post bail now. It’s difficult to learn everything you need to know about bail bonds when you need to act quickly. This post answers “How do bonds work?” for you. A bail bond company can come to the rescue when you or someone you care about gets into legal trouble.

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    Do You Need to Post a Bond?

    When you’re arrested for a crime, you may have the opportunity to post bail so you can continue to go about your daily life until you can appear before the court. This can be difficult if you don’t have the money lying around to pay it. This is where Big Mike’s Bail Bonds comes into play. We can help you pay bail online in West Palm Beach, FL, so you can get the process moving and get home sooner. When you pay your bail bond online, you won’t have to wait around until someone can withdraw the money and then get it to you.

    A Fast, Easy Process

    Whether you are the one posting bail or you are trying to help a family member of a friend find online bail bonds in West Palm Beach, FL, we are ready to assist. When you pay your bond online, you will be able to get the money where it needs to go more quickly so you can get out of jail and start working on your defense with as little disruption as possible to your daily life. It’s our goal to make accessing the money you need fast and easy.

    It can be stressful to worry about how you will be able to post your bail, which is why our West Palm Beach, FL, company strives to help you pay bail online so you can start moving forward as quickly as possible.

    our bail bond services

    Clear warrants to online bail process with no need to come to office.


    Walk-ins and Online application for easy step by step Warrant Removal. We help you get rid of warrants issued by the courts.

    Bail Fees

    Required by the Florida Department Of Financial Services to charge 10% on state bonds and 15% on federal bonds.

    Legal Rights

    It is important to know your rights in advance to prevent unintentional implication of yourself when encountered by Law Enforcement.

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    All Counties has their own resource to find inmates online to find out recently arrested people click link below to search now.

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    County, Dade County and Broward County.
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